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  • Spring Sled Skins Sale!!!
    HTR is doing some serious spring cleaning!!!
    All stock kits only $349.00, and hoodies are only $45.00!!!
    Check out our *New Sled Wraps* section @ *NEW SLED WRAPS DESIGNS* - HTR Designs.
    Add us to facebook 'Htr De Signs' and like our page HTRDESIGNS | Facebook for updates on every sale.

    The sky's the limit, wrap it and rip it my friends!!!!
    We're getting into it big time for next season...I've done a few highend builds for some of my truck customers (we specialize in high-end offroad suspension)! I'll keep you in mind for some custom wrap stuff for sleds and maybe get you to eventually do some cool chit on our class 7 open Baja race truck when it's completed. I'm originally from I like to support Kootenay companies:)
    NEW QUAD WRAPS COMING SOON!!! Keep an eye on Htrintro - Home for the latest designs in the coming weeks. Hello spring time!!!!
    Another wicked day at HTR. Designing and making people happy. What more can you ask for!!?! Wrap it and Rip it!!!! :)
    I got my sled skin today and it looks great! Thanks very much, I can't wait to put it on :) You guys ROCK!!!!!!
    Cool, you have some nice wraps, do you do full vehicle wraps? or what would you charge to wrap the roof of an audi a4 in flat black.
    Hey, we're HTR, a graphic design company specializing in custom sled and quad wraps. Check out our Facebook page and hit "Like" to receive our upcoming specials.
    Hope you're rippin it up this season!
    Htrintro - Home
    Christy (HTR_SledSkins) on Twitter
    HTRDESIGNS | Facebook
    I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the snow!! Be safe, it is the highest avalanche warning in 30 years throughout BC!!
    Help raise funds for Cole Hoodicoff this Friday for a dinner, dance & auction at the Castelgar Community Complex. Cole is an 11 yr old boy who is paralyzed from the neck down from a ski accident at Red Mountain on January 3. His Father Brad Hoodicoff & the Hoodicoff family would greatly appreciate any support. Tickets are available at HTR Designs, H&R Block or at the door. If you cant make the dinner and would like to make a donation please contact Marla @ 250.304.4774. Many thanks.
    sick i will do forsure i need some stickers for a buddies trailer hey thinks himself as a redneck but is more computer savy than anyone so hightec redneck is so perfect! I'll stop in next time I'm there I'm loving that "midnite railhouse" graphic kit you have
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