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  • Hey how you doin, looking at getting some parts for my truck. Been looking around for the 8.5 upgrade for my dodge ram, I cant find it any cheaper than 7-800$ that something you guys can get? Also looking at getting the carli front end upgrade kit, the ball joints,stabilizer and track bar. What do you sell those for? Basically I bought this truck a few months ago and it has the billstein 2.65 lift installed. All other front end components are stock so I'm getting some crazy wear patterns on my tires and need to look into upgrading some more things. Was hoping you could maybe point me in the right direction. The local shop in fort mcmurray didn't prove to be to much help so hopefully you can lend a hand

    thanks for your time
    Sounds wicked!! That would be epic to wrap one of those. Looking forward to it. Maybe we can even do some cross promotions for each other... We get a ton of customers from out your way. Let me know your thoughts. Koots Roots!!!
    Hello, I was noticing that you are from the Cranbrook area and know some places to ride. I'm not from there but i've got family in Jaffrey. I'm intested in doing some riding in that area around new years and wondering if i can join you guys would let me join you. i've got all my own gear and a decent sled as well.


    Hey Kevin. I'm just glad everything worked out O.K. on saturday. We all made mistakes and we all learned a few things too! I thought you may be interested in a sled that a buddy of mine built. If you go on snowest forums and then the yamaha boosted area and look up "My Nytrex". Its similar to mine with a 174 track, apex motor and nytro body panels. Cheers - Craig
    hey there HRT how was the late ride on sunday? anyways hope to ride with you guys again talk to you later
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