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  • The pics are on facebook! lol. You are welcome to come by anytime and check it out. We should actually do a preseason gathering, watch some vids and have some drinks.
    heading to this place tonight, about 45 min from rogers pass, suppose to be good and deep. have a fun safe ride this weekend.
    HEY made it on the site , thanks for letting us tag along the other weekend ,we had a blast.
    Hey Blair, how was Atlas? Sorry I couldn't make it, I am trying to solve a hanging idle problem before I stay far from home. I would hate to burn down this new motor.
    Happy New Year Blair. Medler, Foothills M8, a buddy, and myself are going today. I'll send you a text, and a pic when we get there
    I was off yesterday but I am off next Monday as well (Jan 3rd)... Unless you go after work one night I not going to be able to make it this week........

    Or if you can tell me a place I can drop the truck and trailer without getting ch!t I can always just go out when I can and follow other tracks..........
    Hi Blair, I'll swing by wednesday with your tools. I got my sled running, but had to take it in to Bow Ridge to get a new dess key programmed along with a few other minor things. Hope to have it back in the next couple days. I'll call ya wed morning to make sure you will be home.
    Hey Blair, how was Vegas? Hope you had a good Christmas. I have to get your tools back to you, are you gonna be around this week?
    hey jason sorry i did not get back to you yes am going to try this week maybe wed thurs or friday my nephew and bro inlaw rode atlas today 2 feet of fresh and they put on 110 miles will pm you when i have firm plans
    I was hoping to put some KM's on tomorrow morning. You going riding at all?
    Can't wait till I get out this year..... I have a feeling once I get out, I won't be able to stop... LOL
    I posted my reply on my own section when you posted about the ride....... How was it?
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