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  • will try and make the ride for sure but will let u know as I am starting a new job mon gunna give this consulting gig a shot.
    How were the holidays for ya? I was talking with you a little while ago about avy coarses , I have another question for you do you know anyone in Red Deer that sell the ABS bottles, mine ended up going off last weekend had my bag siiting on my tunnel and I picked it up it caught on the cable of my mountain addiction gas can rack, made me jump lol. Was going to start with the dealerships but if you know a someone that sells them on the side I'd rather give them my cash.

    Thanks Ryan
    Is he one of your hippie friends????? LOL
    He sent me a PM, and hopefully my hyrogliphic's(< not sure if that's spelled right) makes sense to him.
    Hahahah! Just got message! Fawk I hate this new site. Cant maker out . My "friends" arrived on the 13th
    Is there any more info available for the Caroline Poker Rally such as location or a contact phone number. Is there enough snow and how would one find out if it's cancelled so not to make the trip up there. Thanks for your help.
    Yes shes all back together. Took it out on thursday put 52kms on her and had it out the week before and put on 26kms. Very different from the cat. Feels like my buddies Yamaha (the body english) but way lighter. Clutchs are aligned but i will be installing a DJ clutch kit real soon just need to order it. I vented the clutch side, installed my hotdogger. she needs a polish and a wax and shes ready for a season. It feels good in a different way. Hoping to be out in golden fernie direction about the 27th of dec. Abuddy is trying to put a trip together for yellowstone as well so i will see which way i head. Hope to ride with you guys again i had fun last time. I will be in golden for sure at the end of feb (26,27,28,march1,2) as i will be completeing my avy1field day on the 27th

    cheers Larry
    ch!t happens, sled show was OK, drinking rum watchin UFC was better, yeah didn't feel very good in the morn, after 4 hrs sleep so I went back to bed.
    Hi All , I see you are planning a ride Sunday the 24 th. I am thinking of coming along if i can. Would this ride be to much for a new rider ? I have a 2008 Polaris Sportsman 800 4x4. Have been to Tay River area & South Fork alone. About how long do you guys & gals ride for ? Also i know where the humming bird is , but would some one please tell me where the falls creek area is as well as baseline lookout. Thanks for any replies Kelzon.
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