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  • Hey shrek, thanks for the directions... I did make it down to the site but I guess I should have said there was going to be 3 us us with bigger 5th wheels and towing trailers with quads.. they was just not enough room for all of us to fit.. I went down early and it would have been great for quadding but the wife wanted a place the kids could swim close by and I know she would not have let them go down by the old bridge.. So we ended up going over to Chump lake and random camping near the entrance to the old road in. Pulled the boat down to North Buck from the back and had a great weekend. Kids got to swim at the lake we caught lots of smaller jacks and I saved a drunk guy from drowning int he lake after he fell out of his boat.. quite the weekend. Only downside was dropping a tree on my dog when I was getting firewood.. I got very lucky nothing broken but he is still a little stiff. Definitely will not be a next time I can assure you. But again thanks for the directions.
    Hi still going next saturday at 11 I know u may go sliding but maybe some of the other fellows you ride with might like to come ie; Sheldon etc.
    no worries... should be worth at least 125 a tire with only 500 km on them...or i could trade u for some sled/atv goodies....let me know

    hey, its brandon babiuk, dad told me to check out this site, so i did and saw ur sled on here :D
    Thanks Shrek!! hope to see you out on your quad. Going to Hell's half acre this weekend. Want to come?
    Hey Shrek1... I happened to see the message you posted to sumit 600 ho regarding "not taking things too seriously on this site". Good for you. You sound like a nice guy. I realized I may have been too nice to him on my last post. Thanks for the wake up call if you will. Cheers!
    we made ir back ok,i noticed you last minute as we passed i knotted my head quickly.It was good getting to know a name with a face...Thanks alot for the flyers postings,Hope i sell the darn thing,Thanks
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