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  • Im hoping this is u Jerome, you told me I should get a hold of you if i need some work on my car done sometime. By the way this is Derek, Ian s (Bogger) friend. Got a problem with my car just wondering if your interested. Im at Ian s place or get me here. See ya in the mud this spring.
    Hay man, don't know if you remember me, you sold me your parts bike a little while ago. I finally game in and joined the group her. Did you ever get the front shaft fixed on your quad? Sorry mine was busted and useless to you...I'm planning a trip to Bruderheim for oct 4 with a couple buddies, come along if your not busy.
    Hey J hope your trip is going well. Drop me a line when you get back to the west. I may have a little build project you will be intested in. It even pays!!! LOL
    Mallard, shrek told me to contact you, knoe him quite well, and live in the stony area. I have rode for a lot of years, but my wife is new to the sport. She did hha with a little provoction. Give me a shout need some pals to do some riding.
    yea sounds good. you going to the campout buddman? me and the wife are heading to nova scotia for a month were leaving on the 13th of july
    Hey Jerome, all is well just busy putting together a trailer and getting the motorhome ready to go. We will have to get together for a ride some time in July as I will be leaving my ride down south until then.
    hey dude you banged me! better have a game to give it back! talking rep! why no sig? we like guys or girls to chat in max thread! come and join the fun! we are in the cage and you need to ask to get in but fun times!
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