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  • no not yet,have a few things i want done before taking the sled out for a rip
    Rudy were we taking to each other today at Belle. I had the pro with Cr racing boards. If it was you and if your interested we are heading up to Reshaw tomorrow and we know the area well if your interested you guys may tag along if you wish.
    hey weld do you own that sled outright or is there the option of taking over the payments available? Thanks Rob
    if you buy a boss seat i was wondering if i can buy your old stock seat off your m8 mine on my m5 is riped due to the uther owners Cheers
    well its ur coin.. i can crunch some numbers with the service guy and let u know what it would be total dollars to make the 07 and 09 153 replica...its still gonna be cheaper than the 09 m8 sno pro''
    when you think i should i should bring it that way to sell?...I really want a 153 with reverse....If you gave me a good trade in value i might just take that 09 m8 sno pro.
    so u can put ur sled for sale here and get into the 07 m8 141, stretch it out to a 153... if u sold urs for 65 - 68 it would go quick.... 2 k extra would put u into the m8 /w reverse... then u could stretch it out to a 153 for under 2 k.... so for less than 5 diff you would be styling... or u could cough harder and get the 09 m8 snopro...
    ok i checked blue book on yr 06 m7 141 clean is 7100 average is 6100 so you would be inbetween there for a its better than i guessed at...let me know

    oh you went to cycle works for tires thats a no no
    lol i told you about mien

    you can get soemeREALLLY REALLY good prices on tires at rapid reveloutions on the west end of edmonton i think lol i dont no im only 15. im on my dads acount but i just got a slip on exhaust from there liek 2 weeks ago im not sure the phone number but just go to and phone them.

    Hi i saw that you wnat mud lite tires

    i can mayeb get you 27" mudlites and itp ss rims less the 150 k on them ffor 700 its a reall good deal there liek brand new
    was nice catching up to you guy's , See you guy's made it back , seen you on the hiway just south of happy's, got those flyer's put up for you , good luck selling
    $550.00 for both arms and the shock. Can have the spindle too as its not much use to me. Also have a second zero pro that just needs a shaft if youy want.
    Hows it going welder? Had to take my m7 back in, wasnt fixed like they said. They still think it is a hanging powervalve and some clutch issues. Should be done on Thursday. Hows your sled running? A couple of us are thinking about riding on sat and sun around the Crowsnest area. Let me know if you are interested.
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