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  • Ken, I tried the XM on Thurday and liked it but still am not sure and my wife is putting pressure on me to spend money on the house this year so I don't feel I can make a commitment to snow check before April 16th. I would hate the 2 x $300 coupons that BRP gave me to go to waste. Did you want to put my name on a sled so you can make use of the coupons for someone else?

    Ken is there anymore seats available for the rides out of Kusters camp. Todd is now looking to buy a new sled if he can get some seat time. Myself and a friend are purchasing for sure. We need to know pricing etc. Can you call me on cell 403-616-7002
    Thanks Don Anderson
    Yes sir thats me!How it going ?Hey you boys have any good used 600ho summits down there?My young fella needs update!
    talked to Ralph this morning a my BB customer tonite I think thing are going to work out
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