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  • The sled was good but it does not hold a downhill sidehill like a Polaris and for 99% of riding thats okay. Unfortunately the guys I ride with always take me to super steep and treed areas that that kind of riding can't be avoided. It is an improvement over my 11 and felt like it had more power too. If I could afford it I would probably snowcheck a 163 in black.
    Hi Chris, We may take you up on that. I will talk to Ryan and let you know. I am going down on Thursday I think this week. How did you like the sled? Ken
    The SLP can is nice. The y-pipe/pipe/can combo works very well on the '11. There is deffinetly gains with that combo. So far SLP is suggesting to run just the pipe/can on the '12 for best power but they are not officially releasing that info. So something has changed with the tuning or exhaust ports on the '12 to have SLP suggest that. When I bought my sled I bought the complete combo to go on it, just hadn't put it on. Its deffinetly once of the nicer sounding cans. On the Etec they use the pipe to control the RPM range and they were apparently going to change the pipe for 2012 but didn't. For the '11 as you know the porting and head shaving works, along with the pipe combo.

    I haven't added any vents yet to the new sled. I have a whole pile of SLP round filters to add and I haven't added the heavier rear springs. 68 miles in Fernie and 3 bars off the fuel gauge. I can't believe this thing on fuel. It has been better than Rob's '11 so far.
    Here you can see the price new. I do have the 8" carbides on it as well. The keel is probably one of the deepest out there. I will try to get pics on the weekend.
    I can snap a couple more tomorrow and will post them in my for sale ad.
    I agree. They seem to have come down in price since last year. New these ones were $525 after taxes at Route 99 Powersports in BC where I got them. I found a new set with carbides at a dealer in Red Deer for $400.I'm not interested in putting a teth air system on this sled, maybe a new ETEC next year, but I will do the skis for $220 and will deliver to Calgary for you by the 23rd of Dec if not sooner. That should cover the cost of the Pilot 6.9's I want to get.Let me know.
    hi chris any word on the radio thanks again for lining that up i think its a good price, a quick question for you are you going to have a cordless tether on display at the saskatchewan show, looks like im going to take a sled up for display with a new wrap/bb for show in one of the booths, i usually work the canadian avalanche booth, help them out every year. let me know, i could be talked in to putting one on for the show, i think its a great product. email or call me
    306 539 4965
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