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  • Yes I am interested in the condition and the depth of the keel because I need a fairly deep keel and not too familiar with these skis. I like the camo too and need 8" wide.

    Can you send some pics to ? thanks
    Are those skis still for sale? I see these for $315 new in the US so maybe a bit high at $300? Anyway are you interested in trading for a Cordless Teth-air system? I am in Calgary.

    I'm going to mayorthorpe in the morning. If you want to give me a call tommorow so we can meet up. I should be heading back to red deer in the afternoon. My number is 778-205-0071 Alex
    im asking 250.00 for the springs..i have one hpg clicker shock..will sell that for 100.00.if you want pictures let me know
    Hello I was wondering wat was involved in the instalation of your Highlifter front disc brake conversion on your 450? I have been thinking about installing them on my bike!


    hey are u home or workin??? lookin at going out for a ride on one of the days this weekend????
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