any Dualsport riders (aka street plated dirt bikes)

Lem Lamb

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Apr 5, 2010
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Lacombe AB
I hualed my bike out West a few days ago, thank the Supreme Bean for letting me bring my Snow Flake Ford 1/2 ton to camp in. The first night was Snow and dam cold.

Not for me since the full time back seat bed kept me warm and dry.
A pretty chilly morning this morning out side, so I stuffed my bike into the Enchanted Forest, then toured by truck for a few hours.

Sure nice having everything handy and no packing up to move, wet gear sucks,,, I'll never return to the old biking days.
It was ok to do this when I was young and crazy, now I'm old and a Snow Flake. LOL.

Truck, Gen-set, Heater, endless supply of food, water and coffee. Dry and warm fore sure.

Fast & Lite since the bike is at home in the box to staging area, then the little 1/2 ton is Home away from Home.
A little Sow and 2 cubs were up the road from where I camped, pretty sure they wouldn't of come my way since she was packing the young ones.

Many trips over the years biking and pup tents, all in the past now that I need that little extra comforts in life.

The truck cab camping thing started in 1992 ish if I recall, single seat regular cab.
It wasn't till 2005 when I did the 4 door truck, full time beds in both units even today.

These rigs have taken me many a miles threw out Western Canada,,, a few trips East and South.

No hotels, tents, or RV's since I cover alot of ground. Those $200 room costs pay for all my gas and food for the days. And the dual sport bike burns nill for fuel at the play grounds.

A hop skip and jump down the road is where my 4 wheel Quad is parked incase I get the idea to get Narrly. LOL.

It's time to shut down the Cell phone booster and hit the fart sack, warm and sunny for 2 more days. A little bit of fishing on the big River, swimming at the out door frozen Lake and coffee on top of the mountain to watch the sun go down.

This 5 days and 4 nights is well under the $300 all in costs.
A frugal price to pay for free crown land camping.



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May 4, 2013
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I commute to Westbank once a week for work so I am looking for something fun to drive/ride and link Yankee Flats to Westside for my morning drive. Too much slow traffic in the afternoon on that route coming home.

Where you working?
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