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  • ya i was gonna take mine all apart and get drivers pressed on an then thought this track could take a while,sure glad i didnt had 3 days this year already.
    Ya I have been reading snowest and snow and mud, last I heard camoplast was waiting on a shipment of rubber and they were going to build some 163's first. Last date i heard is end of December, that's from Paul (winterbrew). I'm going to email Curtis at tracks Canada and see what he knows. I'm ready for it !! Drop rolled and ready to go!!
    i c ur gettin a 156 x3" track,u heard anything on it yet,i'm patiantly waitin for mine but havnt heard a thing.
    CP, thanks for your reply. After measuring my two skis the one I hit a tree with is 1 inch back. Looked but couldn't see anything bent or out of place. I'm new to sled maint, could you tell me about the S Module and how to check if anything else is bend. Is it easy to Fix the S module and how much did yours on your 08 Cost?
    Thanks, Dave
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