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    Haul 2 sleds from Brandon to okotoks

    What is your time line?
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    Best GPS APP for Iphone w/ altitude

    Will be out later this week and grab a pic for you. I used an Armor x case mounted to the dash, I found this vibrated a bit and I didn't trust the play in the mount. so I wrapped about 5 loops of para-cord behind the case and around the mount area which does 3 things for me 1. tightened and...
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    Best GPS APP for Iphone w/ altitude

    Memory Map on iphone this year and it is working fantastic! mounted a case on the gen4 dash area, running with it always plugged in from ski-doo's USB power supply accessory, and it works great all day even in the -25C weather we had! yes it runs in airplane mode, has no sim card installed...
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    Klim Lochsa One-Piece Suit vs. Tobe Vivid Mono Suit?????????

    Based on my experience a medium. I'm 6' before boots etc. And 205lbs. The large fits loose now and still has plenty of length. I usually wear xl in Klim gear but absolutely drowned in the xl lochsa !! Again last years sizing anyway. This years production run may have been altered. Ryan...
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    Klim Lochsa One-Piece Suit vs. Tobe Vivid Mono Suit?????????

    Super happy with my Klim lochsa! sizing last year fit on the very large side though...FYI and after a season wearing the BCA vest i found it wore some of the color off near the zippers of the lochsa.....just an observation. I did not have this happen on other Klim products. Happy shopping!
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    Looking for sled transport from Sicamous to MB or Sask.

    Thanks Mach1! I will be looking forward to your info!
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    Looking for sled transport from Sicamous to MB or Sask.

    Hi Looking to see if anyone would be interested in transporting my sled from Sicamous to Winnipeg area? I could meet almost anywhere along the way from Regina to Winnipeg if that would work better. Willing to pay going rates for transport. Enclosed preferred but not mandatory. Sled would be...
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    Tablet for GPS display

    If you guys get a few pics of your final set up I would love to see them! As well are any of you running an external antenna for your tablet, or just the stock internal one is working fine? Ryan
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    Chaincase mod

    PS. got the rest of my stuff from Chrisco last winter too! Top notch service! Ryan
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    Chaincase mod

    I just took mine down to a local welder who repairs boat props, and works with pretty much nothing but aluminum. He used a zip disk to cut it, ultrasonically cleaned it and then welded it up while I waited. Total time was +/- 45 min and he charged me $50 It was the deal of the winter! Skier...
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    Sprocket switch question

    No issues what so ever... works very well! Ryan
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    Full Speed Rentals in Revy

    yep. Randy and Mike both good people!
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    Soooo we built a Viper

    Very nice build! I ask because you have hands on experience! Did Yamaha get rid of the " loose tolerances " in the steering system the Arctic Cat has forever had? Thanks for continuing to push our sports R&D forward! Skier
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    Mystery Trailer lights

    Bad Ground as stated or snow/moisture in the plug itself from not being covered or connected. pretty harmless problem until you need your battery
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    OK - Electric Start on a RMK Pro 800....YES OR NO

    Carbed sled.......OH yeah...lotsa save energy using e-start! EFI not really required but still nice to have. As for the doesn't matter. My rear end still trenches in first even though the e-start weights up front!!!! hahaha
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