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Shout Outs...


Jan 25, 2011
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Devon, Alberta
Jim and I would like to give HUGE shout outs to the great sledding community you have in McBride. There were so many who helped us out with our first ride of the season :PDT_kap:

Mike with McBride Snowbike Rentals for having the forgotten shovel and probe for sale and for letting us know that Belle was probably off the table (due to rain and a rough drive in) and that Lucille was probably a better bet.
Curtis and family for jumping in to rescue my stucky sled (after I had given up on her for the day) also for putting the word out that we had to leave Jim's sled on the hill for the night and then being back bright and early in search of his sled...with help.
Rod Whelpton for jumping in and helping find and retrieve said sled, so glad you had fun :eek:
Shawn with Shawn's Small Engine Repair for getting our locks off after losing the key.
The fine crew with Mansion on Main for keeping this girl company in the cabin while she licked her wounds.
Believe it or not this was not our first rodeo...My first mountain ride was McBride 25 years ago, there's a few reasons why your my favorite :eek: ... and we have our next trip booked ;)

Thank You Again, you guys Rock!!!
Kim and Jim
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