BIGHORN PROPOSAL - What about Random Camping & Trails in the new PLUZ?


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Oct 15, 2010
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Bighorn Proposal - What about Random Camping and Trails ? (West Country Pluz)

This proposal as stated, is asking for your approval first - then will sort out all the details after - once legislated. Aside from being ass backwards in process, there seems to be a discrepancy between what is being proposed/promised, and what the actual regulations currently are once implemented.

I have overlaid the maps with the current regs, facts and what has been said - for both Random Camping and Motorized Trails access - whether used for hunting, fishing, berry picking, rock collecting, firewood collecting, scenic enjoyment, taking the grandkids out, teaching your little ones, or just going for a ride...

This is the largest PLUZ to ever have been made, affecting thousands of Albertans. Sorting it out after to get it right, based on what has been provided - relies purely on trust in your Government.

Instead of using trust, a copy of the proposed legislation changes stating that "Motorized use will be permitted on all EXISTING trails, until such time that the affected Recreational Stakeholders have consulted with and support the designations" within the West Country PLUZ would be proof of their intent.

Feel free to ask for a copy of the proposed draft ammendment to the "Public Lands Administration Regulation" at the next meeting, along with your other questions and concerns.

(Drayton Valley, MacKenzie Conference Centre - January 7th 6pm to 9pm)

Also - Make sure you have done the survey, and there is a letter you can sign and send online (attached a pdf to print/share as well at bottom of post).
AOHV has updated it's website, if you go to survey link and form letter are all on main page.


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Oct 21, 2006
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Wow... Danielle smith is on 630 ched right now with several people that are against the bighorn. Apparently now, the rcmp never did recomend to shannon phillips that she cancel the public hearings due to threats and violence.... She lied, again!!!!! Shannon phillips is a true piece of work!!! Pos!!!!!!
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