2019/2020 Polaris 850 MTNTK turbo kits


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Mar 28, 2007
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To let you guys know the MTNTK kits will be out early season for this year, they went back to there roots and totally redesigned the kit and stayed with the Borg and ECU tuning. Pricing will be close to $5000.00 for the none inter cooled kit and $ 6000.00 for the inter cooled kit this price will change with the dollar. I should have one on a sled in 2 weeks for anyone to see. Give me a shout if you need more info thanks Chris.

Mountain Tek Performance is proud to announce the most capable kit on the market today, at the absolute best value. The next evolution in two stroke turbocharger kits. All new for the Polaris AXYS 850 Platform is our feature packed turbocharger kit built for any type of riding that today's rider demands. We did not rest on our laurels and took everything we liked about our 800 Axys kit and then built a completely new kit from the ground up for our Axys 850. The result: The best turbo kit we have ever produced and the absolute best kit on the market.
Now with upgrade-able components our non-intercooled kit is capable of becoming an intercooled kit if you should desire in the future. This means you can start low and work your way up with your riding style and abilities.
Boosted with our Ultra-fast responding turbocharger system and tuned with our MTNTK Elevate ECU tuning tool, this true bolt-on kit also allows the OEM cold air intake, stock exhaust outlet, and a fit and finish that is showroom quality.
No permanent modifications to the factory electrical system, fuel system, or chassis, allows this kit to retain OEM reliability and repair-ability. Altitude Compensation for fuel and boost control comes standard and this is accomplished completely without any additional electronic devices to fail. Set your boost and rpm once and never have to touch it again, same horsepower from the truck to the top of the mountain.
Designed and perfected, we have pioneered the use of the OEM oil pump to properly lubricate the turbocharger and engine at the same time. No electric oil pump to add, no oil reservoir to check for oil, no changing the turbo oil when it is deteriorated. Just put oil in your engine oil tank, fill your fuel tank with fuel and your riding! You will experience less worry, less problems, and more riding with our new MTNTK Performance Turbo System for the Axys 850 Pro-RMK Polaris!
And don't forget that no matter what you buy, if you can't get help when you have problems then it will be useless. We always have and always will offer an almost ridiculous amount of technical support. We answer the phone and care!

  • Ride your way and style – Customizable and Flexible. Pull the rope and ride with no tuning experience required.*
  • True pump gas 91 octane performance. No mixing race/av fuel.*
  • Ultra-fast Spooling and Unmatched Throttle Response Water Cooled Ball Bearing Turbocharger
  • No compromise turbo kit capable of low boost and high boost with upgradeable components
  • Comes complete with clutching and tuning.*
  • Factory Electric Start Compatible with no modifications required.
  • OEM Cold Air Intake and Stock Exhaust Outlet with Deep Tone Muffler
  • No Permanent Modifications to the Factory Electrical System, Fuel System, or Chassis
  • Automatic Altitude Compensation for both fuel and boost lets you focus on riding.
  • Retains OEM Reliability and Repair-Ability
  • True Pump Gas 91 Octane Fuel no mixing of race/av fuels required*
  • More value for your money in : Performance, Component Technology, Fit and Finish, and Resale.
  • No major engine modifications, no compression/head changes required*
  • Upwards compatible components that you can add intercooler or engine snow cooler in the future
  • New! - MTNTK ELEVATE ECU REFLASH DEVICE for programming
  • New! – Race exhaust option available
  • New! - Muffler design for: Higher flow out of turbocharger, fiberglass packing free, more durable and resistant to cracking, and high temp coating for long life and consistent performance with less heat radiation under the hood.
  • New! Lightweight aluminum center section (3lb savings) turbo upgrade available
  • New! - Lighter weight turbocharger mounting and brackets
  • New! - Complete replacement injector harness with high flow injectors
  • Improved - Recoil rope pull OEM feel and function
  • Improved – Significantly easier to install
  • *Must use proven and recommended boost/clutching/fueling requirements as per MTNTK Performance recommendation


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Oct 17, 2008
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Couple of questions, where are they mounting the inter cooler at on the new axys? What is the race exhaust option, does this kit get enough cool air through Oem air intake? I believe it said extra injectors, is this correct for the intercooled / race gas option? What turbo is MTNTK using on the high boost kit

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