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  • Thinking riding this weekend have any suggestions. Thinking Corbin area. would it be worth a ride. That rain u hit last weekend was it cold enough up top to be snow?
    Do u have any plans?

    Hey Bart I have 3 bed Condo booked in Radium Hot Springs 15-22 Dec welcome to come for a day or 7 Looking for guys to ride with. I have a few maybes So hoping some one shows. Let me know if u can make it. I have to pickup my sled at Brent Lindermans on the way in the pass. Might be picking up Jared in Pincher and another guy in Cal.
    Come for a ride

    R U Awake hehehe Any chance of u making it for a ride
    OK Bart kewl, I'm riding with Jared and Johni-t and another guy. at castle . Maybe next time.
    Take care
    Booked in at super 8 Pincher Creek thur & fri nite if u can get away for one of those days, riding with Jared
    Hey Bart u want to hook up for a ride this weekend. What part of calgary u live in city North or south ?
    Thank you for that reply on stuck people. I'm rookie sledder and am getting discouraged by the hostility. It seems like if your not a pro rider then you don't belong on the mtn's. If you ever are up to taking a rookie up drop me a line. P.s. I can dig lol.
    Good to see you back up posting. Missed your informative posts. Gonna be dropping off some stuff at your house in Dec. :)
    Noodles - yes I got it, I sent you a reply back asking you what other pictures you were looking for.

    What "brain" are you looking for and by lanyard I assume you mean tether cord? PM your # and I will call you.
    Hi I sent you an emial a few days ago. not sure if you got it. would like to buy the engine. do you have a brain and a lanyard?
    lol...hey man. haven't been out yet, looks a bit skinny out there so I think I'll hang tough. I'll let the others track it up some and get base happening, hopefully by xmas a guy can get out and work off some of this keyboard frustration...LMAO
    hi i was reading a thread about 2001 ski doo 800, and notice you had or have a sled you built with a custom tunnel, i have a the above sled but the tunnel is bent. if i cant straiten it ill need to buy/build one. just wondering how you did it and what material. Also if your in calgary, i was wondering a good place to get after market parts?
    Just sick of all the chit. I'm starting a new one Western Canadian Back Country Free Riders. Just a bunch of peeps that go to areas that aren't over poped and are great spots. Everyone thinks Revy's the rave try the Sodas in Fernie or Meca or Cherry or around by Island Lake Lodge. Try the Fording pass into the Elk Valley and down to Elkford for the day. Lots of great riding and I'm kinda sick of the valley mentality stuff out of Revy and Sicamouse. Rene sats if you don't pay they inforce a law yeah right. You can access Eagles pass a couple diffrent ways I ride with a couple good old boys out of Revy and they prob know a dozen or so routes in. as for groomed trail I don't give a chit I'd rather be on untracked anyways. Fun with steak I love that chit like when the brothers in Boondock Saints go at it at work Ha ha ha funny man.
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