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  • Hey Shawn,

    The rain was snow up above 6,000 ft, but it was heavy and wet. not bad for mid may, but access getting tough in spots. I would think Corbin could be a lot of gravel since it doesn't climb at a good rate, you need an area that climbs steady after you hit the snow line on the trucks. we started at 4500 ft on Sat and had to do some dirt biking in spots, 100' at a time, then a few hundred feet on snow, then more dirt etc etc. did that for about the first few clicks still the trail got onto a north facing side of the valley and in the shade.

    Fernie gets tough on access this time of year, usually we hit Revy, Gorman or Quartz now for a late season ride, more elevation and steady climb from the truck wherever you hit the snow. I have family in town so I'm out for riding this weekend.
    Hey Shawn. I haven't put a mile on her yet this year been busy with work.. I'm heading to elkford for sat.. Going to take the 11 year old out for a ride thoughs pics of cowboy basin are crazy
    Hey bro, thanks for the offer, unfortunately I have to be in Calgary that afternoon otherwise I would be all over it. Let me know when you are coming out next and we can hit Fernie or Golden maybe.

    Four of us going so we are full. you can tx me once there 260-4409 . Im 43 and coming to reallize I need to get out more as the years fly by. We do have a few pops when we ride but not on the hill just back home on the flats but I cant speek for my buds. Once back to the room OH YES. If your in Val tx me and we can ride together ? btw we are green horn in the hills.
    Thx. Im a mon-friday guy but really want to get out more. what do you ride, were do you live work. I leave for Valemount thurs to ride friday , Im praying for snow. What a stupid long stretch of no snow.
    shawn im in for a week day ride snows coming down hard here 24cm in cal so far and still strong..
    what type of riding do you like, cause atlas is more for trail riding compared to Corbin or Ferine. Corbin is epic for pulls POW trees if you like that.
    If you want to try it out.we go to revy spring and fall normally it's great riding Corbin is alot closer.
    let me know i may be interested in Revy I just need to ride soon been a couple weeks
    No. Just going to revy to ride. I have been to atlas area but need to hit revy this year.
    Hello newfie1, my name is bluebuoy i am also a newfie.just checking to see if you have any sugestions on where to go sleding.
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