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  • Hey i'm suppose to go to down south next week but unsure if it's a go. How long u riding in vale and are you full?
    If u look at my profile it tells alot of info. But I live at Buffalo Pound Lake north of Moose Jaw, Ride an HCR, drive a Dodge 3500 with sled deck, 50 years old in good shape. Retired from Air Force in 09 after serving 30 years. I Like to do all tiypes of riding, only ride trails to get to the good stuff, hehehe.
    Like a few drinks in the evening after riding, A beer or 2 throught the day riding is ok. Ride hard in the day and then drink hard at nite hehehe
    Well if you want to ride drop me a message I know crowness pretty well and only 7 hrs to lots of riding

    I'm leaving as soon as they get fresh snow

    Moose Jaw
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