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  • Pretty sure you were Sicamous on the weekend. There were five of us 1cat 1 yamaha, 3 doos. If so do you have any of those videos. Thanks Josh. weld_20@hotmail.com
    super cool i am leaving on wed. to head to sicamous this will be my last time out sniff sniff...but i need a few months to save more money for next season lol
    your so sweet thanks. i am good even better nest weekend going sledding! i cant wait how about you? GT or bust is happening right?
    huh.... so you thought you could just be cool like that and post a dancing banana on my wall eh?
    your's plus mine. my math is a little rusty but 1+1=2, and 2 is a couple. or did i screw up my math some where along the way? nope just checked with a calculator it's 2.
    we'll mine is still probably going to be a couple months off as well, still have couple months of riding i got to finish up with first :D. then after that i'll have free weekends with nothing to do, so finishing up a couple garages should help me keep my mind off the lack of snow.
    I dont want to launch off a huge drop and end up with a chunk of chromoly stuck up my arse! haha
    Yeah, I have a design in my head too. I think it will be pretty straight forward to build. I just need to talk to an experienced welder though to make sure it is structurally correct.
    Sweet. Yeah, I drew out a sketch of what I am thinking of doing. Im thinking of going chromoly just for strength and ease of welding. It will be a project for later in the summer though I am thinking.

    Or I have tossed around the idea of just building another sled and having this one as a backup. We'll see I guess. A Pro rmk 174x3" with a silber kit and 14lbs would be pretty fun too. I guess we'll see how work goes this summer!
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