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    2015 World Snowmobile Invasion in Whitecourt, Alberta

    Myself my wife and our youngest son were there for all 5 days. We were # 84-85 and 86 in the parade we did all the rides , 700 Kms .
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    HEY A** CLOWNS!!!!! Safety gear does not end at beacon, shovel probe!

    I picked up the pencil flares at Whole sale sports. They have a good selection of diff types and extras.
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    Snowmobiling Jackets and bibs?

    If you are close to Edmonton Martin Motor sports is clearing out last years Motorfist, I picked up a set of bibs today $150 off. Out the door $380 for the extra tall.
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    2005 Rev Suspension Part Needed. Y

    I have a complete skid in an 05 MachZ, if that will work it could be pulled in the next week or so. Just east of Edmonton. Trailrider
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    New theft-alert tracking device - SPOT Trace - Protect ALL your valuables

    It looks like all of your testing has been very successful. What type of trailer did you use steel-Alum or would it mater. I am very interested in one of these as I use my trailer for work and play it is a 29' Triton. Was the unit still on the original batteries. Thanks for all the info...
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    2015 ski-doo lineup preview.........

    So when do we find out what Martins snow check special is this year?? This will be a new one for the wife this year.
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    athabasca to calgary

    I will be going through Athabasca to Edmonton tomorrow afternoon if that helps. Dodge 3500 long box . Trailrder
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    sxm sucks

    I am having the same problem also does it in fm also. Going to bring it in and see what they say.
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    Skidoo FULL SYNTHETIC OIL reg $44.99 on for $24.99 a gallon

    I got the last seven jugs from the south side, north side was out of containers and would not fill my 16 gallon barrel. They will have more on Monday.
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    I bought the TSS for my 11 e-tec at the sled show 2 years ago Paid $275. My son bought a MBRP for his 12 e-tec at Martins for around $280 with the discount.
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    Good place to hunt

    What are you looking to Hunt ? How far are you willing to drive. Trailrider
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    What can you guys tell me about the newer Ski-Doo 550's

    My wife rides an 08 mxz 550, it was a 121" but we stretched it to a 136 and put a set of pilot 6.9 ski on it. It is very lite and easy to handle never had any complaints, Iwas going to sell it and get her a 600 summit but after rideing one she would not let the 550 go so we did the mods. I have...
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    Newbrook AB poker rally. March 9

    We are thinking about comeing out for the rally , where is the hall . Thank you Trailrider
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    2014 skidoo

    Do you know what the #s are on the bar riser are? Thanks Trailrider
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    2011 800 etec bog?

    I use it in every motor on the yard, from ice auger,tiller, weed wacker, sleds, quads, trucks, boats, good for 2 or 4 strokes and cummins love it as well. You can get it at most auto supply stores like NAPA . Trailrider
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