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Guiding for the Renshaw area, Will cater to experienced riders and will show you zones that will blow your mind with endless riding. For more info please contact -
thanks for the rational update and perspective I still feel like I am on an island when reading the thread but then I go out and speak to colleagues and we share a more tempered observation..
hey there taking a hit on the site I see, I realize you know this but some of these guys are hardcore anarchists they are not here to debate fact just brow beat you to submission.... IMO take care
Roger that and thanks….just sometimes gotta point out the idiocy.
Good day there, I have just been reading the thread about the border crossing, I tried a few days ago to point out a fault with Nuremberg Code .. and got blown out of the water with hate. I must admit I was no where near as eloquent as you, I lost my ch!t after the first hateful rant. There is no rational discussion here, just name calling and bullying.
TRS Alignment bar, I have one you can borrow, just give me a shout - Jason 403-391-1339 / Sylvan Lake
Mine is for the 800 axys, not sure if the 850's or the maytrix are different
Just checked, same bar for any Team Polaris clutch, it here if you need it
BARRY... Did you see Ron's in the hospital and undergoing brain stem surgery? he has a post on the site all about it. Hope all is okay with you pal.
all good thanks. busy with SAR and life. yes i have been talking with his family and him yesterday. all good with you?
all good, buddy... thanks
do you have a pic of it? i have a new summit this year. i think they are all the same and will work but Im not possible xm to current. also do you know the min and max length
I knew a grader operator a few years back, plowing a road, some guy pulled him over and gave him ch!t for going too slow / not letting him pass. He let them go ahead. Some kms up, they had staged and he plowed a 6 ft windrow of snow between their trucks and the road. Probably the last time they lipped off an operator, a couple hours of shoveling would have given them lots of time to think.
Haha most guys are all talk on the internet, don't sweat it. Someone fawks with your gear just drop a tree on their truck while they're out sledding.....LOL
Stompin Tom
Not a problem, I get a kick out the "its my world, I will do what I want" types. They cant seem to figure out that they create their own problems
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Hey Andrew if you want a zoleo i sell them for 260.00 all in and be 14 bucks to kelowna, for the e-transfer and text me your address and will mail it out to ya, cheers dave 604-250-3288
These are bad times!! Do you have family and friends to rely on?? Let me know your situation I/m sure I can help in someway
Thank you but there's nothing anyone could do. No road access so I'm done unfortunately.
Hello Ray Would like to buy another radio off you. How much and how do I pay. This Pete
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