Welcome 2018-2019 Sled Season


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Feb 22, 2010
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Fort McMurray
Here is the McMurray Sno Drifters Trail Updates
All South Trails (Stony Mountain, Anzac and Anzac Connector) have had the groomer go over once.
Anzac Trail has been opened with early trail conditions.
Watch for Industry work on Stony Trails, all crossings and ROW have been signed and marked. If there are any that need fixing to make safe, please contact the Sno Drifters at 780-792-7603

Draper Trail remains closed due to landslide last fall, McMurray Sno Drifters will not be grooming this trail in 2019

Thickwood trail still has early trail conditions and some open water. The recent cold temps should build up enough ice to allow the groomer to cross safely.

All firepits and being supplied with wood and ready for use. Please remember to take your garbage home and leave the fire pits shelters clean and tidy for the next riders.

Dates to remember:
Jan 19 - Annual Safe Ride
Feb 23 & 24- WinterPlay
Mar 16 - Annual Poker Rally

If you have any questions about the Sno Drifters, please look us up on Facebook - McMurray Sno Drifters
Happy Trails and lets have a safe riding season.
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