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  • hello...i am thinking of joining your club....when is your next meeting...also when is ministick open...just wondering

    I am interested in your ATV.

    First off, I have never owned one and only been on one several times. My friends here suggest the grizzly is one of the best on the market. I am interested in owning to ride, use for work (plow) and for my wife and family to use camping. I was drawn to your ad because like you, I presume, I like to 'baby' my toys as well. I am in the ok valley but may have my father in law who lives in red deer come have a look at it (he has owned several quads in the past)

    Do you have any other information about the quad?


    I might rty to call you tomorrow

    Hi there. Do you by chance know where the east access point is to Ministik. We'd be riding from east of Spilstead Hall (RR205 & TWP 502). I'm sure there is an access there somewhere but am unsure of exactly where.
    Just wondering when the meetings for tri county start this year
    thanks AL aka Sled
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