Hm turbos wants input building the new 800h.o. Turbo kit


Oct 22, 2010
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Lolo, MT, USA
Engineering a turbo kit for the new 800H.O. will be a challenge. Hm has a 2015 Axys with the new engine, in the new platform, that assembly and testing will start in January 2015. The build needs input from snowmobilers who own and or want to purchase a turbo kit. That is why we would like to hear what you are looking for in a turbo kit and what you expect in a kit from Hm Turbos. Please offer your input so Hm Turbos can build the best kit for the future Polaris 800H.O.
Some points of interest to comment:

Price point?
Base kit and Deluxe kit?
Upgrading base kit?
Turbo Brand or Type?
Oil style turbo or Oil less?
Intercooled or Non-intercooled?
Piggy back or Stand alone fuel management?
Brands of fuel management?
Electronic boost control?
Fuel type? pump or av gas combo?
Power level? 5,6,7,8,9,10 more psi?
Spool up time?
Noise level?
Installation time?
Engine Durability?
Dealer or Direct?
Other comments?

Thanks for your input, all posts will be valued in the new build.

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