Gambler 500 sk


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Apr 5, 2009
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I was trying to get a couple buddies together to build one for the BC race this year but we missed our window. It was sled season for me, other buddy is having a 2nd kid and 3rd is building a truck for the shop truck challenge in Kamloops as well as LS swapping his bumpside Ford. Maybe next year.

It’s never too late to gamble. That’s what makes these events so great. Last year buddy bought a eco line van the night before. Lincoln locker in the rear and a Pilsner flag tex screwed to the back of the van. He lost od in the first 10km but bounced it off the rev limiter for the next 490km. By the end of the second day he had blew the head gasket and just kept filling it with lake water. He’s a true gamblin man.
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