A Letter to Trudeau


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Apr 22, 2011
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High Prairie

to bad we don't see more articles like this... the media... the cbc won the election for him... sad their so left wing... we are doomed until things get so screwed up we need another harper to save us... make tough but right decisions... then we will thank him by voting in a spoiled rich kids with a big fat 0 on his resume...

imagine this take any corportation... give them Terdeaus resumes... think he gets hired for ceo? wtf is wrong with Canadians... i hate the guy but at least if the NDP won you could say their leader is a long term lawyer... you know someone that's done something with his life.... im not an Obama fan but im sick of lefty canadians comparing Terdeau to him... Obama has a degree in economics from an Ivy league school...he's not stupid man... okay maybe he is but again he's done something with his life and has a resume...
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