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  • Hi Mach Z,
    I'm trying to find out a bit about the Ft Sask Snow Angels, you seem to be dialed in to the organization! I live in Ardrossan, sledded a bit as a kid but was away from it all for many years. Have ended up with a '96 MXZ and an '06 Summit, they're both with my nephew down near Vancouver. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan (for the third time...), home first week of April. Too late for any local sledding I know, but was hoping to find out if there might be an end-season club meeting? I hope to be home for once next winter and would like to get involved with a club, help out with summer trail work and the like. Can you let me know if there might be an April meet, and if so a contact name/number? Thks,

    Peter Gill

    cc'ing Summitric as well since he seems to be dialed in as well.

    I'm new to Edmonton and dont know anyone else who has a sled so I figured it would be a good idea to join a snowmobile club. I see your club is having a meeting on Wed. Would this be a good meeting for someone like me who is interested in joining the club? Or is it more of a meeting for those in charge of the club?


    Mach z, can you hook me up with the Fort Saskatchewan snow angels membership and trail pass for my Wife and I 2x sleds or let us know how to do it atleast? We live in Lancaster Park(CFB Edmonton).
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