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  • sending flowers to rays mom, in red deer hospital, will be $10 or less split from suds buds.
    Jeff hows it going? hey if we get enough snow out west of rocky you want to make a trip out to nordegg later on (whats that area sugarbowl?) let me know or just rip around the ditches one day.
    Maybe we can invite powder slut lol.. what you say ?
    hey tex i need the trani pulled on my truck this weekend so it is ready for work monday. hey i'd only call if i need it.
    How much would you like for your 47 tooth gear? also since I know nothing...lol. how much longer of a chain do I need for 19 47? Thanks.
    Hey Tex since you seem to be the Brute Force king around here was wondering if I'll need a lift/spacers to run 29.5 outlaws.
    Didnt think that Doo had enough jam to get the skis that far off the ground........................hmmmmmm.............maybe it fell out of a plane and its just hittin the ground.............ya thats it. yuk yuk.
    Hey, we're HTR a graphic design company specializing in custom sled and quad wraps. Just thought I'd say hello. Check out our wall and Facebook page for upcoming specials!
    Hope you're rippin it up this season!
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