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  • lol, yeah I guess I'll miss out every time if I don't get an invite. :)

    Well, first I think they moved the Suds Buds into the tail gate chat cause it was getting racy. Now it looks like it's been moved into the Mud Pit Chat and no longer a sticky. ...there were a ridiculous number of stickies and memebrs were complaining about it yesterday. However, I did manage to find it by looking up one of my old posts: http://www.snowandmud.com/forum/26/red-deer-suds-buds-campouts-63198-264.html
    Papajake wants to go riding sat. but he hasn't got back to me yet....Would you want to go anyway ???
    I was just gonna send you a p.m. I will anyway,,,What cha doing May long...we are going north on the swan lake road,,same as last sept long ,,,wonder if you wanted to stop by
    Oh shitty deal with the motor.Thats why i don't have them anymore ,,allways something screwing up.Have fun on your trip, play safe buddy!!
    Hey not too much ,,and you ??Been out riding lately.We will have to get out sometime..Later
    you can get to Scalp Creek by way of Cutoff Creek,,,,,,,, never been in that far only to the clearwater reiver on that trail...... want to go in maybe this winter......... have been told it is ussually only possible with quads, opens dec 1.

    Later, Brad
    I see, everyone is busy.Not sure when we will ride next .Good luck with the hunting.Later
    Yo, ho ho been around it's hunting season you know lol, have been back to the homeland (eastern alberta) a few times going for my mule buck and going back the 2cnd of Dec to get the one that got away. lol
    And You? phuk if we dont get some snow soon wil have to plan a quad trip, weather permitting.
    No sled yet .I am not sure what to do .Did the rail line run last weekend.Stayed the night in Nordegg again,,, was a gooder. Later
    Don't you ever answer your phone. We have to start planning a trip to blue river before christmas.
    No pics ,,,the ride was pretty good ,really dry, we had to hunt for some skeg.But all in all was a good time,Drank alot or R&R ,Hadley??Well i think he said a ride on the 25 of oct.but that date might be off.He gets married this weekend eh,,NO STAG what a shitty thing that is.
    Ya it is a nice ride ,,,can do the falls or head to the ram river or anywhere else..Sent ya a pm
    I think at 50 but you might have to check at the office ,I should be wandering around somewhere
    I think i have rode there ,but it has been a while.Sorry i am late at getting back to ya ,the computer got sick and had to get fixed.I should be at outwest by 730 or 8 on friday night i will find ya for a drink
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