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  • Hi There Glenn
    My son in Smithers has a M800 cat 2008 model and wants to tmprove his secondary clutch.(I told him to get a summit) All kidding aside.Papershredder says you have the answer. I was wondering if you could get me the informaton to forward on to him.
    He was with us at Mountain Mania 2009
    White Finger
    hi glen i guy asking who to contact for the millitary ride , i know its albert but i don't know is handle on snow and mud to give the guy that replied to the tread the next meet jan 14, can you respond to him for me
    Hey glen

    we should see if the trails need cleaning from trees again

    is my chain saw ready i need to cut a couple trees down in my yard.
    Hi! Glen, we are enjoying hurricane HANNA here to-day. Put a new roof on the house the last 2 days. No time for anything else but work. See you folks had some frost last night. Keep in touch.
    HEY SLEDDERGLEN. Hear it was wet camping. Curious where you folks camped. Did not recoginize the countryside. Have tomorrow off and Cathy and I are going out for a ride on the BIG bike. Talk to you later.
    I have downloaded the pictures from my camera and selected several to forward to you but do not wish to post them unless that is the only way I can send them. I picked some of your fish, two from the top of some trail and a couple of you and Sarah. Let me know as I am going to try to resize the pictures if necessary to the size Ron told me needs to be used to make a posting.
    HEY! Glen. We sure are jealous about the gang going to Robb. Hope the weather is great and the mud deep. So you are going to help Wendy break in her new trailer? Camping that is. We have along weekend to, but I have to work SAT. Enjoy yourselves and be SAFE. Al and CATHY.
    Hey glen ? for you the quad polaris you had sunday in brudaheim is it a 2 stroke and if so are they any good serious opignon please thank Marc
    Hi Glenn, how's your summer going? Hope all is well with you.

    You are always the voice of reason and a great "moderator" of all thing sled related. I just want to voice my opinion.....I have met Deano and think he's an alright guy, but it seems he's a bit out of control on this website. He needs a cold spray from the garden hose. He likes stirring up the chit with people. Puts down other technical people and builders without supporting his own supposed work. It's getting annoying and I can see other people getting quite upset by it. He tries and run a monopoly on technical info and sled building. Not what these sites are meant for. He's scaring good people away.

    Like I said, just an opinion and an observation. I know you always see the good side of things so if I'm out of line, let me know. If not, who gets to hose him down!?

    Hi back at you, nice red wine on Friday, should do that more often... hope to see you soon... September gala for sure....
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