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  • Hey D man are you gettn ready for the up and comming season were think about blue for the first time maybe Jan or feb have you riddn there any info would be good where to stay where to ride ect ect
    Hey, we're HTR a graphic design company specializing in custom sled and quad wraps. Just thought I'd say hello. Check out our wall and Facebook page for upcoming specials!
    Hope you're rippin it up this season!

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    HTRDESIGNS - Local Business | Facebook
    Christy (HTR_SledSkins) on Twitter
    hey D thanks for the message glad to hear i was able to help you out even if iwas not there healing slowly had a surgery in the midlle of Aug to repair the shoulder and it is comming along slowly these doctors keep telling me im not 18 anymore but im also not 80 hope to sled this year and will be disappointed if i cant
    hey......i think your the guy to answer my question..... i got a skidoo 2000 summit 700 and im pouting new pistons and im just wondering what are the better ones the skidoo ones or the spi?
    If your still building your garage one day star building supply is shutting there doors in edmonton. I was there yesterday and there trying to unload lots of stuff cheap. Trusses,windows,doors,the less they have to ship the better. If you want anything give derrick a call 686-3068.
    Hey Duane, Just thought that you might be the man to answer my Question. Found that on my xfire 6 my right ski isn't toed in the 1/4 - 3/8 and that my left ski is toed in about 1". Just wandering what is the correct toe in and how to adjust exactly? I think that you adjust by the tie rod but what way adjusts what way?
    Thanks alot kyle
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