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  • Hey there Glen, just wanted to introduce myself, I am the editor of joydigger.com. Not sure if you have seen the site, we have only been going for a year now but our sole purpose is to help spread the love of freeride sledding. All the content is about mountain/backcountry/freeride snowmobiling.
    Anyways just wanted to say hello.
    Matthew Mallory
    S G, unless the Google Earth is in High Res for the Areas of your interest you will not be happy with the Birds Eye from Garmin.???. Just Saying. I got it and will not be renewing. X-it out of P G has a Magallen GPS so he has a real problem finding Mapping Software for it . And he thinks Google is the answer to his problem. I have a Garmin Oregon 550, a GPS MAP 60 CSx and a lot of Garmin and other Software that is Configured to the Garmin MapSource Software and it is all Canadian Data. The only one that you cannot copy is the Backroads GPS Maps. ibycus topo V 4 and V2.1 and the Garmin Can topo V 4. YES. Do not purchase the preprogramed SD Cards as they will not READ on the Computer. If you are interested PM me your eMail address and we can talk.

    hey..who is the tranny guy you know,i want to fix my ranger..it has a a4ld tranny
    Sorry sledder Glen a bit to far from NS but we llok forward to meeting everyone this July.
    Have a safe wonderful weekend riding. Atlantic Al & Cathy
    what is the range road and township road? I will try if I can get away from work. Im usually here till 7:00
    Hey Glen. Are you aware of the survey and chance for input the County is taking for their trail systems? I have worked with this department on a couple surveys and they take the results very seriously! Can you get as many people to hit this as possible? It is a really great opportunity to be heard!

    Trails Strategy :: Strathcona County

    The deadline for input is December 17, 2010
    Hi Glen - finally got the quad out into Ministik for Trail Maintenance
    Started a post on the 2010 Outlander check it out
    did you ride this weekend?
    Are you able to sticky threads? had some stuff stolen last night just want to get the thread noticed and maybe get a lead or two. thanks
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