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    Trx450er stroker kit?

    Never had any luck with hotrods and any family brand to it. The stroker crank if you are set on the hot rods I'd forsure get it balanced so you don't have vibration and abnormal piston wear. Hot rods cranks have costed me and I learnt my lesson from them go oem and slap a Carrillo rod on it or...
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    Price on a leftover

    11850 otd for a 14 pro 155, with 3 yr warranty at motions in bonnyville
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    yfz 450 2008 problem

    You replace stator/pick up coil. And if yiu have a dynojet kit throw it out
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    Brule lake????

    U may have to ahah looking to do 513 falcon long rod motor this winter And longer swinger and go to st anthonys in spring
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    Brule lake????

    Should come out savage to brule aug long. Throw that banshee down lol.. just sayin..
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    Post Flood Water Riding

    I really think this sites name needs to be changed to snow and dry trail. Always bashing on here now
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    450x top end and trx ss valves???

    You can have a nice head done from a reputable building in the states for way less and have it ported and valve job done. Prices up here are insane if you can handle the task of doing the rebuild I'd deff send the head to mmad. Racers. Edge. Oi or kenz
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    dirt bike motor question

    Is the injector spraying or just initial start up or screen on injector
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    Pierceland Haunted House 2014 Quad Rally

    Will it be on that logging road past cold river? That's a great spot lots of water and skeg last fall
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    2006 Artic Cat 650 Engine

    Depends if the 06 is 650h1 single cylinder (cat) or the 650v2 vtwin (kawi) lol
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    Brand new here!

    Haha her idea I rather not see it go chris... good spare when I had that crappy cylinder works/hotrods crank motor in my yfz
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    Brand new here!

    Welcome to forum have a 06 honds trx450er forsale very reliable. Can message me if interested
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    Brute force 750 axles

    Yes its normal its called plunge lets axles get longer and shorter if need be and handle higher angles most high end axles do this
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    Mud Pro 1000 Reviews and Reliability

    Biggest piles of crap had my tcat for six months prop shaft. Diffs. Actuator. Water pump. Starter. Buddie had a 10 mp 1k . 1100 km three motors and two clutches. Other guy got a 12 1k. 150 km and new motor. No swamping. Get a can am or a popo and never look back
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    yfz450 failure

    Yep motor worked great could not compain but sold the motor last week for a pretty coin. I accually had a 7 paddle extreme hauler 20/11/9 out there deff was fun on the hill. Liked my sand sharks for just carving the hills. Currently building a 470 motor. Outlaw innovations +2 head. 42.5mm taper...
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