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    New update for 800CFI

    ya seems a PCV from dynotech is in order soon :beer:

    09 Dragon

    helps if the tracks on our sleds were fully clipped

    New update for 800CFI

    im not talking about that getting done lol, i should have said the reflash. the engine update is what im complaining about how it sucks from last year also my weights would be what ever comes from factory i havent ever checked cause i really only ride in the hills, ive just been trying to make...

    New update for 800CFI

    are not the stock weights 10-68s i am sure they are but going that low for this hills could help but doesnt make sense sincei had the stock weights in last year and my sled would pull hard at 8400rpm also this reflash ive been told is not free cost 55$ at cycle works

    New update for 800CFI

    ya i think the weight issue isnt a problem, id over rev putting lighter weights in, cause the last time i rode valemount i couldnt get the sled to rev high enough, and comparing to last year when my sled pulled hard and this years update doesnt seem to be right, a programer and sum twins i think...

    Clutch weights

    ive had mine to 8400 and it pulled so hard last winter now i get 8150 and it sucks, lots of guys are in the same boat, and lots of people r telling me these engines are liking 8400rpm+ sum guys r running twins, head and race fuel and getting 8600-8700rpm and getting at least 15 mph more track...

    2010 800 Twisted Turbo Dragon

    nice pull makes me wanna buy

    New update for 800CFI

    ya i get a bad midrange bog it seems, put shell gas in and still did it, whenirst had this sled out last year i could pull 8400 rpm everywhere, flat land or mountains, now i can only get 8150 on flat land and 8100 in the hills, this is retarded im kinda getting sick of this might just have to...

    New update for 800CFI

    been reading a few other forums i guess there is a new reflash for the cleanfire 800 AGAIN to get rid of mid range bogging that the current 2010 flash has with the motor update... anyone else ever here of this?

    Valemount 2009 and 2010 Conditions

    yah we didnt hit allan till sunday and it was beat up bad lol and couldnt see a thing, clemina was unreal no one was around at all it was goldddd:beer:

    Valemount 2009 and 2010 Conditions

    had a great weekend in clemina with no tracks fresh pow. terrible trails in, trails were not groomed in clemina or allen but other than the trails being crappy and allan rode Right out, still an unreal weekend, clemina was AMAZING allen not so much

    Valemount 2009 and 2010 Conditions

    doesnt mean anything at all since its all 90% rider, and or he didnt post any stuck pics of the doo

    Revelstoke November 24th 2009

    sick snow i cant wait to hit revy this year

    08 Dragon 800 - MBRP Can

    yah ive seen countless mbrp cans work forever with no issues, had one on my 00 700rmk and put 5000miles on it , and current D8 with 400miles with no problems, ive heard alot bad info about the baffels inside a SLP can, they like fall apart and cause the exhuast to plug. but this goes for...
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