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    Days inn in revy

    174 a night with 4 guys per night thats 2 double beds one pull out and a cot supposobly they have a kick ass breakfast but 174 seems steep thats with out any taxes or charges yet. hotel has hottubs and an attached resturant ....the one where lunchbox and cody had the eating contest last year in revy
    Hey barry your pm still not workin.......i will prob see you @ the sled show again. Revy sounds like a plan
    Hey barry your PM not working ......You goin to the sled show ?? Wana hook for a beer or two?? give me a shout

    Tried to PM this too you but no worky.

    The o2 sensor I installed on my Apex was not part of the MPI kit. I bought a AEM air / fuel gauge from Mopac here in Calgary. I installed the thredolet down stream of the muffler under one of the plastic exhaust covers. It seams to work good there except at idle (it reads a little lean). That was the best, most accessible spot I could find. I've run this gauge for a season with no problems, except race gas kills the sensor (lead). A new sensor is about $85.

    I would also recommend a blow off valve. It makes the kit much easier to operate. Boos levels are steady so less fooling with the GEMS.

    Also make sure you install a boost gauge.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or would like to see pics.

    l8r Shawn
    Hey barry sry i missed your call......ment to call ya but ive been swamped at work......I donno if we will make another trip .....been doin lots of riding around here this year give me a shout when your back from vacation we will hook up for a beer sometime.
    hi dez
    my email is bdsabarton@shaw.ca and what do u mean travis has a new ride and I hope it's not a doooooooooooooooooo. I don't care as long as he likes it that what counts talk to u soon and we are planning to go in the first few weeks in march because I had a knee operation 4 weks ago . My wife and me are going to the bahamas at the end of march so we don't have to many weekends left to ride.
    Hey barry i got your message i will send them either tonight or tomorrow .....I need your e-mail tho. We havent been back to the hills yet either, just been busy here and until last week snow was AWESOME so we had no need to go the hills ....Let me know when your goin again we could hook up ....Trav will be thrilled to show his new ride.......
    Dont think i will be able to make this trip but let me know what the snow was like ....Our last trip was awesome ...clear blue skys all weekend warm but mcbride DESPERATLY needs snow and it doesnt sound like they got what they needed. Have fun and keep me posted.

    i have the 08 se mtn...i have quite a bit of bolt ons,...hauck header and exhaust, rapid bike (rb3) fuel programmer, shock wave secondary helix... just installed the g-force yamaha super charger... shes pushing about, 200hp....works really good, simmons skis and have a eazy ride suspension to install.,...but im have thoughts of the ad boivine zx2 instead...... 2100 km
    Hey barry travis and i have planned our feb trip ....Feb 12-15 so when the time comes let me know when your plannin your feb trip......Cheers.
    Hey, This is the Barry my roomate Dez must be talking about! I hear your heading for another trip in January?
    Hi everybody is anyone heading to Mcbride on Dec 12 weekend I would like to hook up with a bigger group of peaple theirs only 2 of us. We would enjoy more company

    Thanks Barry

    Email bdsabarton@shaw.ca
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