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  • it was awesome to meet you! glad you all had a good weekend too. i hope we can meet up at christmas too!
    Are You still looking for a Sub box for your 05 Dodge. I have a custom made fiberspar box that fits under the drivers side rear seat. You have to pull the fold out rack from the one side but it is a clean mount and you don't lose the rest of the storage under the seats. Shoot me a message or give me a call 780-267-3054. Thanks.
    Hi kid
    most places in reve are costly so we may have no choys but with 4 of us thats not to bad still looking for a cabin since it will save on the food bill. What day are u looking at for the sled show we are flexable pick a day,get back to me,I'm sure u and cody are out in the fields.
    hi dez
    could u send me the pictures and vidios of the ride we did in dec . I had my knee operation so I might get one more ride in march and that will be it foe the year. I'm hoping to do some easy riding down hear if I get thechance hopefully we can hook up another time, talk to u soon
    Hey there dez... Just dropping by to say hello...
    I know of a site with a freakish promotion on accommodations south of blue river... I'm helping the guy out by spreading the word around a bit....he could use the business, and it's incredible sledding around there.

    check him out


    HEy thanks mate cheers :beer::beer::cool:
    well when she wants to go tell her i will tag along, and not to worry i fall off and get stuck all the time but all in the name of fun! i live in fort Saskatchewan i have my own place i work from home for like 7 yrs now but i have been a hair stylist for 17 yrs. tell her to e-mail me
    lol yup that was me...was it the one on blue lake? that was a fun day. im on tv and the ladies ride calender too all in one year!
    "Run over the trees while there little so they cant grow up to hurt you"

    Hahaha, thats hilarious! I love it
    that would be awesome...unfortunately I'm about 5hrs from Moose Jaw, I'm up in the Macklin area by AB border...
    Hi Dez

    Where thinking of going up this weekend the end of the month leaving early friday morning. I got a message from u that u where thinking of going up the same weekend. get back to me maybe we can hook up. Yes that was me on the highway that weekend I left a message on your phone but u never got back to me. We didnn"t have a real good weekend one of the guys smashed up his sled & went through a tree He's ok but the sled didn't survive. Get back to me as soon as u can to see if we can hook up
    Hi Dez
    Good to hear from u , I don't think I will be able meet up with u this weekend because I took my knee out this last weekend and it's still soar . My son is choked and I'm pissed,hope we can hook up another time I'll see what it looks like by this weekend but I doubt if that we will make it Sorry''''''''''
    Thanks Barry
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