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  • Hi Travis
    Yes Dez is right were planning a trip through exam week mid Jan, hope my daughters sled is put back together . Her boyfried was driving it last weekend & hit a creek bed at 80k's airlifted him out he's ok but the sled lost that agument, needs work if it doesn't work I may be up their on a new mountain nytro se . Check back when it gets closer to the time u are more than welcome to join us the more the merryer. We are hoping to stay 4 or 5 days talk to u soon.
    hey travis, call the post office, your seat should be there by now! I didnt know your phone number so i couldnt put it on the packing slip!
    hey dude! got another qeustion for you about my sxr , i think it might be leaking anti-freeze , and i did over fill the resevoir , and now the anti-freeze is dripping from the bellypan , do you know whats wrong? it has been leaking for like 1 week or 2. thanks! and hope to here from you soon!
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