TCSC- Ministik Trail Maintenance Saturday November 4

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Dec 30, 2006
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It is that time again to clean up the trails.

Tri-County Snowmobile Club is headed out to the trails to do some trail Maintenance this Saturday November 4, 2023
If you are not interested in trail maintenance, then please disregard this email – thank you.

TCSC has a Temporary Field Authorization Permit (TFAP) authorized by Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) each year to enter Ministik prior to December 1 opening date
This allows TCSC to use quads & SXS until the snow falls then snowmobiles will be used.

Also by getting into Ministik in November we can remove most Fallen trees before they get buried in the snow and create hazards.
(This is for ASA Snowmobile members only and is not to solicit quadders who think they can quad in Ministik)

If you have a quad or SXS and would like to help us out on Saturday November 4, please call or text me.

We are limited to 10 people per day, so it is on a first call basis until we reach our 10-person limit.
In order to comply with the ASA Regulations and Insurance Policies you must hold a valid Club Membership and ASA Trail Pass.

If you do not have one yet Brian will have them on Saturday Morning.
For those 10 people on the list the day looks like this:
9:00am TCSC pays for Breakfast at Hi-Way 21 Restaurant at Looma Esso on Hi-Way 21
10:00am head out to designated trails to be cleared – determined day by day as clearing continues.
10:15am Clear fallen trees on trails from wind or beavers
12:30pm TCSC supplies lunch on the trail.
1:00pm Clear fallen trees on trails from wind or beavers
3:30pm head back to trucks and head home

If you have a chain saw, you can bring it along TCSC supplies gas and bar oil

NOTE: it is hunting season in Ministik, and everyone must wear clothes other then Black (Moose) or buckskin brown (deer)
Safety yellow vests are supplied by TCSC at the trail head.

Sunday November 12, 2023
Sunday November 19, 2023
So you can call or text Brian and put your name down for either dates

If you have further questions, please call me

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