Pirate Family may be making a move. Need a advice from sledders regarding accomodation

High Velocity

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Mar 23, 2007
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Hinton, AB
I think it’s worth a $100 over a hotel to have your own room and shitter, I feel you’re in a position to charge a premium and expect a premium clientel! Lot of really quality folks out there that would love to patronize you guys! your better off to have the place empty the odd time as opposed to have a bunch of clowns basically in your house!
the older I get the more I hate the whole hotel deal, and nothing worse than rooming with a slob like myself snoring and farting all night long! Sign me up for Dec 14/15/16 please

Hmmm, I can’t speak for you, but I’ve always got my own room and shitter in a hotel.

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