Million of unsafe vehicles on Canadian roads


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Sep 10, 2007
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Edmonton AB
This insurance inspection is a pain, I have to get another one done, and the vehicle is months over the 12 year mark, but it needs to be done to sell it.

I called my insurance company to get more info, yes this is a requirement with all insurance companies, but I have been with my insurance company for so long and the people I deal with downtown know me, they would Not request one from me if I was buying a vehicle over 12 years old, but If i called the call center they would request an inspection before they would give me insurance.

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I just bought our old work shop truck, 2009 GM 2500, my boss didn’t have to get it inspected to sell it to me and i didn’t have to get it inspected to insure or register it. Sounds like it’s your insurance company‘s policy. I have never heard of a law that you have to get a vehicle inspected to sell it. I could see someone wanting it inspected before they buy it but not required by law.
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