Mary Gregg River / Bembo's Post Camp Staging Area - HINTON


Sep 27, 2006
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Parkland County, AB and Valemount, BC
This is a great area to ride a quad or ride the side by side, its located 306 km from Edmonton. For well over 30 years is known as Bembo's Post Camp. The burner and the saw dust pile are still there as evidence that a family named Bembo's had a post plant there for many years. Quite a neat place. And I would say an awsome quadding adventure.

Riding Level: For all levels of riding, There is area's for beginners to advanced riders. Would'nt recommend riding a small quad on the trails though.
Terrain: All different types from level ground to extreme hills that are challanging, lots of water crossings.
Riding Surfaces: Sand, Mud, Muskeg, gravel, rocks, creeks, grass
Hazards: Hills, Creeks can be deep, some trails may have been washed out on spring thaw or from heavy rains.

- To get here head to Hinton, A few Km west there is a Highway 40 South turn head there, head South for 19.5 Km. You should see a brown sign with a cross country skier on the right just beyond that turn right on the gravel road. If you went left instead of right you would end up at the Gregg River Cabins. That road branches to the the left parrallel with the highway follow that you will cross the river on a small bridge, just beyond that is a large area, pick a spot. Set up the camper and have fun.
- If you crossed the Gregg River bridge you gone too far there is a rest area just past the bridge, turn around and you should see the road.

GPS Coordinates:
If you know these please pm me with them of the staging area
There are some maps attached in the following posts
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Jul 8, 2007
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Edson, Alberta
Re: Mary Gregg River Staging Area - HINTON

The attached file is the GPS data I have from the Snow and Mud Camp Out. The file contains:

1) waypoint for staging area
2) waypoint for the Mystery Lake Cabin
3) Track points for the Mystery Lake trail from the staging area to Mystery Lake. Ride time round trip is at least 4 hrs on a dry trail. If the trail is wet then ride could exceed 8 hrs.
4) Track points for a short ride. This trail gets you Cell phone coverage. Water falls are along the highway. Ride time is appox. 1 hr.
5) Track points for a muddier ride. This trail is east of the highway with some steeper hills and muskeg. Track points turn around at the Mcleod River. Ride time is 4 to 8 hrs.


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Dec 16, 2011
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Beaumont, AB
Re: Mary Gregg River Staging Area - HINTON

For what GPS are these files for? I visit this spot multiple times a year, but find myself limited to the quarry due to limited knowledge of the trail system.
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