King Quad 750 engine cuts out


Feb 19, 2023
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Strugeon County
I got a 2010 king quad 750. About 2 years ago it started shutting off when under load in a mud or water hole. Nothing too deep, maybe axle high and only when you need the power. It won't restart for a half hour or so. I can rip up and down roads, trails and hills with no issues. Happened once last year on a trail going over a log but it is usually only when I am in hole. I even drove it up against a tree and pinned the throttle until the axles were buried and had no issues, even did it right after going through a foot deep puddle. Only happens when you need that power in a hole. No idea where to start, fuel or electrical. Dealer has no clue, suggested checking 3 spots where they are grounded, but this to me makes no sense as I can drive all over with no issues, until I hit a big hole and need the power.
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