Boat Trips 2022


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Nov 7, 2006
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Parkland County
ya im pretty happy with it. Installed the mercury smartcraft gateway ( had to get from florida, dealers here are uselesss) as i had to remove some analog gauges to install the Garmin. So now all my engine data reads out on a nice mercury factory screen which is cool.

as for the boat launch, nice spot, good parking and turn around, good docks but holy fawk does a public boat launch bring out the degenerates of the world. Might as well put a big sign saying "all retards assemble here" couldn't believe the stuff i was seeing. Not used to that, usually I'm on a remote lake away from dummies LOL.

got there at 9am and it was perfect not busy at all. But tried to take out around 6pm and the launch must have had a 100 boat backlog. So cruised around for another hour until it cleared up.
Campground launch or the town launch?
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