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  • that was the trip Trent and crew were supposed to go down to Nanton, but they got snowed out down there, so we just went out east of seven mile flats.
    Dean hows it goin? went out elk hunting for a Week missed a good time no blood though, hey where the suds buds thread go?

    Haven't heard from you in a while, are there any more rallies that you are looking at? we are heading up to whitecourt to the Robinson Road area to the abandoned Oilwell site for some camping and quadding this weekend. Chad and Cindi are coming out on Sunday to play with their new machine. Josh and Stephaine are camping as well. I gave a map to Chad if interested.
    Hey Dean, was at Cross Lake this weekend, which was having an Alberta Parks 80th celebration. I saw some junior Forest Rangers there from the Athabasca group. Asked them about their quad training with you and they said they had a blast. Just thought I would pass that on to you.
    Sheila is coming with you, cool. Who is Hambone was he at goodfish rally? Should be a blast to meet the people that I have talked on line to and not met yet. Roberta isn't coming as she has to work bringing my son instead for a last hurrah before he gets married in September. Look forward to seeing you on the 7th if you haven't changed your mind about Edson Rally.
    Yup, after I logged on I found your message.
    We're here, I'll check out The Mud Pit Chat thing.
    lol like the name!! Great tournament this weekend I think next weekends is going to be even better.
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