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  • I was up there a few years ago and haven't made it that way since. I'd love to join in on Sunday but am doing the Family thing on Sunday and the rest of my weekend is looking pretty busy as well. Ah well, thanks for the invite. ...now I'll be sulking all weekend 'cuase I can't go!

    There's no rallies on the horizon so far other than the Albera Beach rally in December, but if one comes up, we'll have to get together. Have a great weekend Cheeko!
    Yes it was the coil pack... got it replaced under best warrenty.. 50 bucks deductable...
    and to boot, kevin from get torqed sent me a used one free of charge.. just paid bus fee... i had phoned kevin on sunday night and he said he would ship one out to me pronto... then i also went in too my dealer and they said they could fit my bike in right away.. even thou they were booking for 2 weeks ahead.. nice that i get along with my dealer like that.. it sure helps... so i had it replaced under W and have a spare to boot! ...lol
    As long as she's in town at the time, Sheila is down for just about any trip. She'll be coming up with us to Grave Flats in August 24-26 and Valemount (no dates for Valemount yet). You haven't met Hamobone (Ryan) yet, but he's a pretty good chit too. I'm still on the fence about the Edson Rally. Last year, I busted one of my machines the weekend before the Jamboree and had a hell of a time getting it back up in time for the Jamboree - I'm not sure I want to risk it again. If Sheila's hip for the Edson rally, I'll probably go.
    I wish I knew how to advise you. I am assuming you have started divorce proceedings? Best to get you financial house in order so as to not let him hide any assets. If the trailer is both of yours he can't deny you access to your property. I think you mentioned that your parents had helped you out to get the house? As to what he is doing to your boy, unforgivable. When my fisrt wife and I split, the one thing I made sure of was that the kids were looked after. I tried to keep lines of communication open so that the kids were first and formost taken care of. I realize that we were unusual but it stressed the kids out far less. Oviously Bob is too into himeself to realize what he is about to lose. You seem to have cared enough to try your best to keep things going but sometimes you gotta toss in the towel and look after yourself. Hoping for the best for you.
    I would love nothing more then to get out..............unfortunatly don't know where he has the trailer, and sure he won't let me use it, or the truck so Hayden and I can get out.....He's being a total jerk. And I don't have a trailer to haul our quads as of yet............trying to survive !!! He's buggering Hayden up totally mentally.......called telus tonight to get him blocked from texting him..........poor kid is a mess mentally cause of him. Went to bed tonight basically in tears said he's done with life..............I'm scared for him with all this. Bob needs a kick in he ass is what he needs..............a reality check !! Totally using him as a tool, and hurting him to the point Hayden will be done with him.........
    Yes, that one my husband started............then the one about Booger..........it was getting out of control. Behaving like a bunch of 12 year olds in a school yard........
    we're gonna go with the 600 dollar package which includes camping, friday nights beerpong tourney, and entry into sundays races if that works for ya? saves us all money on camping. plus it comes with an extra dinner ticket for each of us for saturdaynights supper. and the owner of the land is comin my way to start setting on the 4th, so if we can have everything sent to me before then that would be great. all the info is at www.battenfelderatvrodeo.com any questions just call my cell. 780-674-0487
    It was great riding with you, Keith and Leslie. Sure is a small world! WE will kep in touch and try to hook up again before the snow melts!
    Yep, alive 'n kicking. Been busy with work and computer less for a while, now I'm back! and gotta update my profile haha
    The bottom right bolt is a drain. I don't know of a BRP upgrade, but guys were buying the Yamaha drain plug and drilling a hole in the CVT cover to mount it. I don't have a drain...with snorkels there's no need.
    did my first year surveying at COGS in Lawrencetown... we used to hang at the bar in bridgetown, a few brawls were had in there
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