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  • I would if my part would arrive, besides you haven't invited me to mcbride, and you won't do Vale.. LOL
    Firebag??? You like being in the middle of no-mans-land don't you. Do you at least get to stay in camp or driving that hour and a half each way? I would say lets hook up for supper or something, but instead I'm stuck on a month of nights. My first weekend off will be Thanksgiving weekend and then it will be no more weekends for this year and time to get the sled ready to go. Did you and Lindsay get your seasons tickets for the Rush again this year? If so we'll have to hook up at a few of the games. Chow for now, say hi to Dave and Lindsay for me.
    I'm heading up this coming weekend have to pour cement in the morning then far as I know the rest of the weekend is free
    Give your Parents and your Dad my best. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Talk with Scot and any weekend in September would probably work out okay for me.
    Any dates on Quadding and cleaning with winterulez!! Pick a weekend and we'll all go up and clear some bush, it just won't be with your sled this time of year!!! Ha,Ha,Ha
    You bet.. Kathy picked them up today.. Which pullover were you looking at? I can get any of them within a couple of days as long as they have them in stock at the warehouse. We have one of the everest fleece jackets left, and also a couple of the inferno mid layer jackets aswell.. But for sure let me know which pullover or whatever else you are interested in and we'll be glad to help you out.
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