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  • I have a suction cup mount from GoPro themselves. It holds fantastic, just make sure the surface is clean, and not wet, or it will slide. I never had it fall off, I do however tie some fluorescent ribbon on it just in case it falls in the snow while riding and I have a chance to get it back.. I think you can get the mount at any camera store that selld GoPro. With my helmet, I use the concave base with the grey double sided tape.
    What kind of mount do u use to hold your camera on with (suction mount)? Does it ever fall off? Where did u get it to?lol sorry for all the questions and thank u
    Picked up a 2010 163, Dan said you got a sweet rack from Wildchild for the gas can, got any pics, or a link to check one out, what was the cost?
    Might be interested in your shocks. We're in Radium...can you get them to Calgary?Got friends there who can get them.
    Hey Mark I have your Charger at my desk at Martin. Meant to call you but can't find your number sorry. I'm here till 5:30 today and we are open tomorrow if that works better.

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