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    Cutler stage 2 turbo build

    Without a turbo now!
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    1978 Eliminator Jet / $5500

    You absolutely need this. Ill see you at the lake may long, I expect a ride! haha
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    2012 / 2013 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    Re: polaris proi its got a blown motor I think if thats the same one from a couple weeks ago, talked to the guys that were doubling out...
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    proclimb 950cc culter video

    Sheldon should have watched my instructional video of where not to turn out on that climb. haha
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    2012 / 2013 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    I was the second track in, the guy that claimed to 100ft away was more like 3k away, next time push forward!!!
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    Proclimb graphics

    +1 for HTR
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    2012 / 2013 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    Headed down there on wed with WKR...hopefully there is some kind of snow miracle over the next couple nights!!!!
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    Nov 2012 Snow Conditions

    Go to the last page of any snow conditions thread and you get the current month, sometimes even daily snow condition update... Just Saying.
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    Hid kits for 2013 cat m8

    Sound obsessions in lloydminster would have something that would work for you, talk to Jay there!
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    Who follows break in periods?

    Ride it like its stolen, that's what warranty is for.
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    My carbon kitty

    first trip of the year planned for nov 16th...first attempt at fixing carbon fiber will be nov 20 haha
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    09 kx 450

    Your bike is fuel injected right? I rode yz450f that wasnt and man that thing could be a real pain to get started if you dumped it on its side! 450 is the absolute min I would go with for a motor, that being said its still fun to ride and it will pretty much chug along and get you anywhere you...
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    WKM Carbon 950

    His and my sled will be in the WKM booth and I'm sure he will have some other cool stuff as per usual!
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    My carbon kitty

    haha not at all, you should see its pink older brother!!! ;)
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    My carbon kitty

    westridge family loop here we come!! LOL
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