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  • hey jeremy hows it going i noticed that first truck doesnt have trailer shop anymore were are you working. i have a 1986 suzuki 250r that is done up a little looking to sell if you know anybody looking for a toy.780 289 7784
    Hey Smurff...
    just dropping by to say hello...(doing some good ole manual networking) :d
    there is a freakish promotion on accommodations south of blue river... i'm helping the guy out by spreading the word around a bit....he can't afford to advertise on the main site yet...he JUST started this a couple of days ago and it's incredible sledding around there, just got 6 inches of fresh powder last night..and it's still snowing he said...


    HEy thanks for reading.. cheers :beer::cool:
    SkiDoo Rev Summit 550f 136" - Edmonton Snowmobiles For Sale - Kijiji Edmonton Canada.

    Hey, what do you think of this? Looking for something for the kids to start on, would look pretty cool next to the RT. Thoughts? Price ?
    Hey dude, good to meet you last Friday! Have a look at the video from my ride in McBride last year
    MobileMe Gallery
    hi smuff its bezzola do you know were i can get a set of fender flares for my f-150 used color don,t matter
    Might be interested!! Do you sled in the Golden-Revy area? I'm located in Cranbrook, BC

    It's the tilt deck type I persume?
    Thanks Jeremy I actully called alot of places yesterday. The average price was 400 bucks. I will call the place in Sask on Monday.
    Hey smurff its Rick here from Fox. I was wondering if you could help me? I am looking for a cylinder jug for a 96 600 vmax. I just want a good used one and I don't know of any wreckers other than the ones around calgary.. So if you know of any around Edmonton could you let me know... Thanks ...Rick
    hay man we went ridin with you in swan hills a while back with dwayne russel. we are going to vinginia hills tomorrow my cell number is 780-982-8175 suposed to have lots of fresh snow. dan
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